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A comprehensive platform
for continuous learning

The training tool that goes out of its way for you!

EDUtelling™ platform desktop version

Are you a Training Institution or an Academy?

Give value to your training and offer your students an innovative and student-centered placement solution

Are you a Company?

Choose an effective tool to keep track of your employee’s upskilling and reskilling courses

Do you offer HR services?

Value your coaching and mentoring offerings with an extensive training solution

Are you a trainee?

Work on your personal branding and build your interactive portfolio in order to introduce yourself to companies in a refreshing way

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The EDUtelling™ Experience

Live a whole new training experience!

Interactive CV

Value your work by creating a new CV, enriched with multimedia contents accessible with a QR code

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Find Talents

Easily find out student’s capabilities and potential

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Make recruiting and hiring processes shorter and easier

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EDUtelling™ platform mobile version
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Data Analytics

Monitor student’s training and performances through a dedicated dashboard

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Planning Courses

Manage your courses and organize student’s training

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Managing teachers and internships

Match teachers with courses, monitor student’s progress and prepare them for their internship

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For whom it is

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Training Institutions and Academy

Would you like to implement a fresh approach to your courses and find a placement solution to value your talents?


Are you looking for a tool to help with continuous learning in your company and to manage upskilling and reskilling courses?

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HR Experts

Do you want to offer your clients an innovative platform that values your coaching and mentoring sessions?


Would you like to build your personal brand with an interactive and fresh portfolio?

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Choose your plan



For single users and professional who want to expand their personal branding

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A custom made plan for consulting companies and small businesses looking to manage individual or small group training

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Icon check mark150 Users

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The perfect plan for training institutions and companies that want to design and manage different training programs

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Icon check mark300 Users

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An answer for large firms in need of a platform to keep track of their training projects

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Icon check mark450 Users

Icon check mark225GB

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Case study

Discover the stories of EDUtelling™ users and let yourself be inspired!

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After taking part in the Farmers, Ranchers and Gatherers of the Southwest project, students at University of Arizona (UoA) created their CV using EDUtelling™. The project was developed by the Creative Knowledge Foundation in partnership with Pima County, Tucson City of Gastronomy, Visit Tucson, and theUniversity of Arizona - Center for Regional Food Studies.

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In the context of the project Business Game, organized by Fondazione ITS - JobsAcademy, students of the courses Web Development and Human Resources used EDUtelling™ to work on their personal branding.

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Sidip S.r.l. uses EDUtelling™ for business to show their employee’s training path and as an instrument of continuous learning.

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EDUtelling™ solution is marketed by Koor srl, a Benefit Corporation that is committed to creating public benefit and sustainable value in addition to generating profit. In collaboration with the Creative Knowledge Foundation(CK F), a non - profit 501 (c) (3), Koor has conceived the project «The Future… is under your feet» to favor the transmission of traditional knowledge of a community into future generations for a responsible growth and an inclusive and sustainable development with in the frame of the Faro Convention and the UN2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

EDUtelling™ platform mobile and desktop version


The project «The Future… is under your feet» uses the EDUtelling™ platform which facilitates the education and training of the new generations. EDUtelling™ focuses on traditional jobs and and how to teach them to young people in order to reduce the phenomenon of depopulation of the territories and the «human capital flight», while supporting the development of sustainable local business.



The project «The Future… is under your feet» uses the TRusT™; platform for the digital storytelling of cultural heritage: through images, texts, and videos individual users, companies, organizations and local institutions narrate their traditions and uniqueness and build a strong sense of local identity.

Trust™ platform mobile and desktop version
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What is EDUtelling™?

A platform to manage training in a digital, engaging and novel way.

What can I do with EDUtelling™?

Create educational courses and give your trainees a tool that allows them to tell and value their new skills.

Who can use EDUtelling™?

Training institutions, Academies, Companies, HR departments, Service Companies

How long does it take for course participants to complete their profile?

The interactive CV accompanies the student / employee throughout the training course.

Who can see my CV?

At the end of the training course, the CV can be made public if the user wants to. During the course it is visible only to the teacher or the training institution.

What roles are present in the platform?

Student, Teacher, Ambassador, Training Institution and Company.

What types of media files can I upload to the platform?

Within the platform it is possible to upload files with the extension .mp4, .pdf, .doc, .png, .jpg.

Are my data safe?

EDUtelling™ is a GDPR compliant platform.

Do you have any other questions?

The EDUtelling™ team will be happy to answer them all!